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C.R. Hudgins founded the company in 1948 as a family owned and operated enterprise, specializing in plating antiques, flatware and tea sets, and employing six people. The companies second president, J.S. Hudgins, bought equipment for the first industrial customer (Philadelphia Gear Corp., now FlowServe) in 1956, followed in 1958 by General Electric, the company focused on plating for industrial customers and has grown dramatically, now employing 80 full-time personnel.

Over the years C.R. Hudgins Plating has constantly expanded and renewed existing services to keep pace with technology. In 1991 it became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan ) company, in 1993 the Powder Coat line was added, and our zinc plating process is in constant renewal. Our current executive board consists of third and fourth generation Hudgins family members with Jim Hudgins serving as Board Chairman and Byron Hudgins sharing the position of CEO with his sister Renee Hudgins Owen.

Our Mission

Working together as a team, we will provide an array of quality finishes and services at competitive prices that meet or exceed our customer's expectations. We will accomplish our goals through safe and environmentally sound practices to enhance employee and community prosperity.

Company Profile

C.R. Hudgins Plating, Inc. is a full service Zinc electroplating, powder coating, and hardware insertion (pemming) company. Located in Lynchburg in central Virginia, we serve customers in a 250 mile radius from Lynchburg. Our physical plant is comprised of 127,500 square feet.

We are members of the National Association of Metal Finishers, The American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, and the Powder Coating Institute.

Some key features of C.R. Hudgins Plating's operational philosophy are:

Team Management - A philosopy of team management has resulted in improved safety and quality, with high morale among the employees. Information is generated from the bottom up and has had a positive influence on decisions and production capabilities.

Quality 1st - Statistical quality control is maintained for processes and certification requirements. We have instruments such as film thickness meters, gloss meters and color matching meters to help ensure a quality finish on your parts.

Environment - Total commitment to EPA requirements with conventional pollution control equipment, and actively engaged in waste minimization program: more than 50 percent of the containers, scrap metals and other non-hazardous material are recycled, more than 95 percent of the hazardous waste (metals, chemicals, etc.) is reclaimed.

Parts control, packing and shipping - We are computerized to ensure accurate parts tracking while they are on the premises. We can custom pack your parts to your specifications, and have a fleet of trucks which can pick up parts and deliver them when they are finished.

Technology - We run top of the line Production Management software using Window SQL server Technology and Sybase Power builder software as a front end. Our production floor uses the latest in MS Windows technology to manage the flow of product and to ensure timely delivery to our customers and a high degree of quality monitoring and management.

Capacity - We currently have 3 Zinc rack plating lines, 1 Zinc barrel plating line, 1 manual Chromate on Aluminum line and 1 automated powdercoat paint line. We have expanded our facility to provide extensive storage space for customer product To help eleviate our customers need for warehousing.

Contact Information

Contact Jim or Byron for more information, or fill out the literature request form

3600 Candlers Mt. Rd., P.O. Box 10639, Lynchburg, Virginia 24506-0639

Phone: (434) 847-6647 - Fax: (434) 846-5721 - E-mail: mailto:sales@crhudgins.com